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The Christian Lifestyle is a FREE tri-annual (three times per year-out in February, June and October) independent Christian publication and is not affiliated to any church. It is an evangelical tool, a platform to glorify God and share messages of hope, encouragement and triumph over the battles of everyday life.

The magazine is distributed nationally through different industries and at most Christian events, conferences and is available in most of the major cities in South Africa.

We tap into a range of features relevant to our daily lifestyle; including education, travel, marriage, parenting, finances, youth and so much more. It’s an exciting, eye catching read for all age groups and is available in both print and online digital formats. Our goal is for readers to engage with motivational, God-inspired content and come into a personal love relationship with Jesus Christ.

We also want to offer businesses an opportunity to advertise their products or services through our targeted campaigns and strategies and by doing so giving them access to a growing readership.